Disney Scream Canister

Disney Scream Canister – If you have seen the Disney movie Monster’s Inc. then you know all about the monsters and how they use the screams of children to power their city.

They store those screams inside of the scream canister. If you visit Disneyland or one of the other Disney parks you just might find your own scream canister cocktail to enjoy.

Disneyland Cocktails

If you have had the pleasure of visiting the Lamplight Lounge at Disneyland, you know that the whole restaurant is themed around Pixar animated films, and even the menu features animated pictures.

This waterfront restaurant offers amazing views and gastropub menu offerings. On the walls of the restaurant you will find memorabilia and drawings from Pixar movies including Monster’s Inc., Cars, Wall-E, and Toy Story among many others.

The Scream Canister at the Lamplight Lounge is a tasty cocktail that is a blend of rum, cream of coconut, orange, and pineapple juice with a mist of bitters.

You don’t have to travel all of the way to Disneyland to experience the Scream Canister though. You can make your own Scream Canister cocktail right in the comfort of your home.

You might not have a Scream Canister to serve your cocktails in, but they are so tasty you won’t even notice.

If you are having a party and serving these drinks use whatever Disney cups that you have on hand, or even better have each guest decorate a glass that features their favorite Disney Monsters Inc character!

How to Make a Disney Scream Canister Drink

To make the Scream Canister cocktail at home you will need spiced dark rum (any brand will work as long as it is dark rum), orange juice, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and bitters. You will also need some fruit like an orange or lime wedge, a slice of pineapple, or a cherry for your garnish.

The cocktail itself is really easy to make and the recipe makes a single drink. You can only make one cocktail at a time since all of the ingredients minus the bitters and the garnish need to be shaken in a cocktail shaker.

Then pour your Scream Canister cocktail into a glass filled with ice, top with a splash of bitters, and garnish with your piece of fruit.

Scream Canister Ideas

The Scream Canister cocktail is perfect for sipping around the pool or at a BBQ, and you could serve it at any Disney-themed gathering too. Disney cocktails are always a popular beverage option with adults.

Non-alcoholic Version

You can also make a mocktail version of the Scream Canister cocktail if your kids would like a special beverage too or if you are hosting a party with kids and adults present.

To make the Scream Canister a mocktail simply omit the rum and the bitters. Put the rest of the ingredients minus the garnish in the cocktail shaker with some ice and you will have a kid-friendly Scream Canister mocktail in minutes.

Serving a Crowd

If you are going to be making several of these cocktails through the evening you may find it easier to have a platter of garnish ready to go. Just slice up some orange and lime wedges, or cut a few pieces of pineapple, and wash some cherries so that you are well prepared. You could also use mint sprigs as a garnish for this tasty Disney cocktail.

This Scream Canister cocktail is easy to make at home and will refresh your fond memories of time spent in the parks. Try the cocktail or mocktail version and serve it up in your favorite Disney glasses!