Hulk Jello Shots

If you are throwing an Avengers or Incredible Hulk themed party then do we have the drink for you!

These Incredible Hulk jello shots are simple to make and just like their namesake they do pack a punch! In case you don’t know who the Incredible Hulk is, he is one of the original Avengers characters.

When he isn’t the Hulk he is Dr. Bruce Banner, but when he gets angry…he turns into the green monster with bulging muscles, torn purple shorts, and a really bad temper.

Layered Jello Shots

These Hulk jello shots are easy to make, but you do need to prepare them in advance of your gathering.

They will need to be set and chill in the refrigerator for several hours. To make your Incredible Hulk jello shots you will need lime jello, grape jello, whipped cream in a can, Hennessy and Hypnotiq liquor, and individual plastic shot cups often called portion cups.

You will be making two separate batches of Jello shots and then layering them on top of each other.

You will need to make the grape jello and Hennessy jello shots first. Fill your 2 oz portion cups up halfway and then place the shots in the refrigerator for an hour so that the shot can set.

You can make moving the shots around easier by placing the 2-ounce portion cups on a baking sheet.

This way you can move all of the shots at once and not have to move them from the counter to the refrigerator and back individually. A baking sheet of Hulk jello shots makes it easy to serve them as well. Just pull the tray out when your guests arrive.

Once your grape jello shots have set, you are ready to make the lime jello shots to pour on top of the purple jello shots.

Mix your lime jello with Hypnotiq and boiling water and pour the mixture on top of the grape jello shots until your shot glasses are full. Put the tray of shots back into the refrigerator for at least another hour to let them set.

Once your layered jello shots are completely set with the purple layer on the bottom, and the green layer on top, put a dollop of whipped green on the top of each shot.

If you wanted to you could even top them with some purple and green sprinkles to make them even more festive and colorful.

These Hulk jello shots with Hennessy and Hypnotiq are perfect for serving at a Halloween party, an Avengers movie night, or even a birthday party.

You could even serve these as an adult beverage at a kid’s Hulk or an Avenger’s themed birthday party, for the adults only of course. With their bright purple and green colors, they would also be perfect for serving at a Saint Patrick’s day or Mardi Gra party! 

No matter when you serve these layered Hulk jello shots, they are sure to be a hit with your guests. Remember though, that they do have a bit of a kick with two separate kinds of liquor, make sure you serve plenty of snacks to go with them.